Website Updates


As we approach the warmer weather months and optimism about an exit from the pandemic blooms, it’s timely and even important to kick off a new blog series for Redline. In the series, we’ll be addressing issues and topics wide and large, from spotlights on each of the top mission-critical industries that Redline targets to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its impact on the private broadband infrastructure.

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, the last year encouraged enterprises to develop self-contained, intelligent and holistic ecosystems. Enterprises will be forced to handle continued adversity — as well as potential prosperity — with composure.  What we DO know is that is, even if the ecosystem is affected or damaged, our systems are phenomenally resilient and will endure adversity.

Today, we’d also like to introduce you to our newly revamped website, complete with design updates, improved functionality, and refreshed content to specifically target the top industries that Redline serves: mining, oil & gas, government, transportation and utilities.

The website features a brand new section and informational overview on Industrial Grade, including a breakdown of how Redline solutions apply. Additionally, the website boasts new features, including a blog, “The Link” and Redline’s Lifecycle Cost Estimator, an interactive tool that allows visitors to estimate and compare the Life-Cycle Cost (LCC) for various wireless coverage options such as private industrial LTE, public carrier LTE and industrial WiFi.

Redline’s new blog will be updated weekly to feature engaging thought leadership based pieces, an insider look at Redline news and product updates, interviews with members of the Redline team, and resources, such as white papers as they become available, as well as webinar and event updates, and more.

The website is mobile-optimized, displaying larger navigation buttons, reformatted content, and optimized imagery when viewed on handheld devices including mobile phones and tablets.

Visitors are encouraged to tour the updated website at and sign up to receive ongoing Redline communications to stay informed about the latest news and updates.

Beginning with the next blog, we will introduce you to case studies in those mission-critical industries.  These industrial markets that have demanding requirements and rely on resilient, high-performance and highly-secure communications over extended periods of time. We’ll also look at the most recent trending in Private LTE, Fixed Wireless Access and Deployable Networks in separate blogs.

All of these areas are poised for prolific growth in 2021, and we welcome you on our journey to discover more about each of these areas, all critical to an already-mission-critical ecosphere.

Reno Moccia

EVP Sales and Marketing