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    Premium support for long-lasting value and continual ROI.

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    Redline is committed to ensuring that our customer’s wireless broadband network operates efficiently within their unique environments. Our warranty, hardware/software protection and support plans deliver ongoing value to ensure a sustained return on your investment.

    The below table summarizes the protection and support services available within the RedCare Support Plan and Warranty programs.

    Standard Warranty (12 months) RedCare Support Plan (Customizable)
    Hardware Protection
    Correctional Software
    Advanced Notification of New Releases
    Software Protection
    Online Support Portal
    Online Training Webinars (as available)
    Online ticket submission and RMA tracking
    Redline Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) – Unlimited
    Management VPN to TAC
    Remote Network & Performance Audit
    Base Station Tower Site Audit
    Emergency On-Site Engineering Support
    Professional Services (built to suit your specific needs)

    Standard Warranty

    All Redline products include a twelve (12) month limited standard warranty included as part of the equipment purchase price. Redline products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of twelve (12) months following shipment of the product.

    Standard Warranty provides for repair and return of hardware defects, correctional software (as deemed necessary by Redline) and excludes user induced or environmental damage. Shipping of the defective unit to Redline is the responsibility of the Customer and return shipment of the repaired unit is the responsibility of Redline.

    RedCare Hardware Protection Plan

    RedCare Hardware Protection Plan offers continued coverage for repair & return of hardware defects in one year increments up to a maximum period of four additional years following the Standard Warranty term and can be purchased at the time of product purchase or at any subsequent date provided the product’s Standard Warranty or a RedCare Plan is in effect.

    RedCare Software Protection Plan

    RedCare Software Protection Plan is intended for customers who fully maintain their own network but wish to maintain their Redline product with the latest functionality and features available (for their installed hardware).

    The RedCare support and protection plan is an excellent option for customers that require full product protection and additional technical support services from Redline. The RedCare support and protection plan is a bundled plan comprising essential protection and support services.

    RedCare Network Management Software Protection Plan

    The RedCare Network Management Software Protection Plan covers software support for Redline’s network management system (ClearView™). Coverage is sized based on the number of managed elements specific to the network implementation being supported by the ClearView system.

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    Legacy Products

    Redline is always innovating to stay on top of the latest technology and industry trends.

    Browse this page for information about Redline's legacy products.

    Telecom Industrial
    AN-80i EoL Enterprise | Ellipse (Compatible) Edge | eLTE-MT | Ellipse (Compatible)
    AN-50 / AN-50e EoL Enterprise Edge | eLTE-MT
    AN-30 / AN-30e EoL Enterprise + 3rd Party TDM Solution Contact Us
    AN-100U/UX Base Station EoL Ellipse Contact Us
    SU-O Outdoor SU EoL Enterprise Enterprise
    SU-IA Indoor SU EoL Contact Us Contact Us
    RedMAX RMS EoL Clearview NMS Clearview NMS

    MD - Manufacturing Discontinued; EoL - End of Life.

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