Virtual Fiber®

Advanced Technology that Delivers Multipoint Access or Transport Quickly and Cost-Efficiently

Redline’s award-winning Virtual Fiber

Redline’s award-winning Virtual Fiber consists of wireless access products that are built for extreme reliability and performance. These products can be used in the toughest environmental conditions, rated to operate between -40° to +75°C for fixed point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communications and nomadic applications. They provide secure and reliable high-speed connectivity in these challenging, isolated locations, and over rough non-line-of-sight terrain. Features include wireless IP traffic scheduling and QoS. They are available in a wide range of frequency bands and channel sizes.


The unsurpassed fixed-wireless and nomadic-wireless solution has all your communication needs covered, while easily outperforming traditional point-to-point microwave applications.

Certified security meets customizable capacity

Based on OFDM and developed by Redline, Virtual Fiber™ carries the load with its:


  • Software Defined Radio: designed for purpose, optimized wireless protocol and manufactured by Redline
  • High Capacity: delivering capacity of up to 330 Mbps of actual user data over-the-air
  • Long Range: carrying voice, video and data at distances over 80 Km
  •  Low Latency: Redline’s industry-leading millisecond latency ensures that even the most time-sensitive services can be delivered over wide areas

Virtual Fiber

Make quick work of moving critical data at critical times.


  •  Versatility: brings the option to operate on any frequency between 450 MHz and 6 GHz including licensed, reserved and unlicensed bands. Can be used in PTP or PMP modes.
  • Efficiency: packing over 9 bits per second per Hertz of information for transmission over-the-air, while being flexible enough to support channel sizes ranging from 20 MHz to below 1 MHz for the most efficient use of any available spectrum
  • Simple Implementation: built on a Layer 2 network topology for ease of network integration in to existing cores allowing different services across the wireless
  • Reliability and Ruggedness: drives products that operate unattended in harsh environments for years, at temperatures that range from -40 to +75 °C, and in harsh conditions as demonstrated by IP67 compliance and the ability to operate in hazardous zones
  • Security: Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) and enough security to allow us to be FIPS 140-2 certified are only two of the many features that make Redline products secure enough for military use
  • Innovation: customers required a solution to deliver high speed data for their off-shore vessels and assets. Redline answered by developing its patented Network Topology Awareness.

Ideal for:

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Virtual Fiber Technology Products

RDL-3000 XP Elte MT
RDL-3000 XP Edge
RDL-3000 XP Ellipse
RDL-3000 XP Connect
Enterprise Family 02
RDL-3000 Enterprise
Redline RDL 3100 XG Elte XR RGB 2
RDL-3100 XG Elte XR
RDL-3100 XG Ellipse
raselite 2
RDL-3000 XP RAS-Elite
RDL-3000 XP RAS-Extend
PoE Injector
ClearView™ (Network Management Solution)