Utilities Asset Management

In order to ensure that critical asset infrastructures are sustainable and adaptable both physically and financially, it is critical for utility decision makers to continue leveraging the organization’s collective expertise, innovation, vision and access to the best technologies.

With factors such as aging infrastructure, low growth and increasingly complex demands and requirements from regulators and other utility stakeholders, today’s utilities face several obstacles when it comes to conventional maintenance and asset management planning.

It is important for utilities to consistently and thoroughly assess the benefits of each and every single project or investment they take on, while taking into consideration both economics and risk. Aligning decision making to the utility’s evolving strategic objectives while identifying the optimal set of investments, alternatives and timing is also key.


The Challenge

From identifying the right decisions for evolving the current aging electric utility networks toward sustainability requirements of the future to increasing operating costs, the ongoing need for operational safety and security, rate case management, workforce turnover, real-time remote monitoring, and more, it’s safe to say the challenges for utility asset management range are significant.

It is crucial for utilities to have improved security and visibility of their assets, the ability to track them in real time, make informed decisions, reduce downtimes, and then some.

As a result, utilities are seeking out telecom solution partners to
overcome these operational challenges.

The Redline Solution:

Redline’s fit-for-purpose technology, coupled with detailed operational knowledge and a means to demonstrate innovation and capabilities, is a key competitive differentiator to assist utility companies globally in mastering asset management while transforming their operational processes and properly managing their CapEx. In addition, the ability to lower operational costs, improve productivity and availability of critical information can be realized from the private LTE network. Utility companies will be able to implement a purpose-built, mission critical, secure solution with complete control over QoS.

Redline has delivered some of the world’s largest, fully connected and most functionally advanced wireless solutions for digital transformation, including:

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Private iLTE

Redline iLTE is a compact, complete LTE system that can be rapidly deployed anywhere. Redline iLTE is a comprehensive suite of private LTE products and services that combine to deliver security, flexibility, scalability and durability to the mobile network. iLTE provides a turnkey approach to private LTE with its rapid deployment and ease of management.
Download: The Advantages of Private LTE
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Virtual Fiber®

Redline’s award-winning Virtual FiberTM wireless access products are built for extreme reliability and performance. These products can be used in the toughest environmental conditions, rated to operate between -40° to +75°C for fixed point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communications and nomadic applications. They provide secure and reliable high-speed connectivity in these challenging, isolated locations, and over rough non-line-of-sight terrain.
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RedCare is Redline’s portfolio of warranty, protection and support plans and is available with each of our offerings, designed to safeguard service continuity for Redline solutions and give our customers the peace of mind knowing your Redline products are being kept at optimal performance.

Redline’s solutions are designed and installed as an end-to-end operating network platform, and can be specifically optimized for their unique requirements.