Utility companies facing the greatest engineering challenge of our times

Utilities today face the unenviable challenge of continuing to meet societal expectations of providing reliable service, at low cost, while maintaining an ageing infrastructure, reducing greenhouse gases and conserving energy and water resources. The drive to meet this challenge in a resource constrained environment has meant that utilities are now at the forefront of all things smart: smart water, smart sewer system, smart meters, and smart grid.

Transforming the 20th century utility infrastructure into a dynamic, reliable, economy-enhancing and environmentally friendly, intelligent infrastructure of the 21st century is the greatest engineering challenge of our times. Many utilities across the globe have already embarked on this journey of transformation, and many more are joining by taking the first step of building a reliable, industrial-grade, communications network as the enabler of this transformation.

Industrial wireless networks are a key enabler of digital transformation. Utilities are no strangers to wireless communications technologies, having used the industrial versions of this technology for telemetry applications since the 1940s.

Redline’s high performance, industrial wireless systems, purpose-built for digital transformation of critical infrastructure, help you achieve greater reliability, security, safety and efficiency, allowing you to respond to customers’ rapidly evolving water or energy demand, in real-time.

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The Redline Solution:

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