USIM / eSIM Card

USIM / eSIM Card The Redline certified Ellipse-4G compatible USIM card operating system is adaptable to the individual requirements of network operators and corresponds to the ETSI / 3GPP standard. Over the Air (OTA) capabilities and add-ons enhance the SIM functionality. This card provides an up to date JavaCard platform compliant with the latest industry […]

Patriot™ PMC3551

Patriot™ PMC3551 The Patriot™ PMC3551 multi-carrier base station is your most powerful and economical solution to deliver reliable wide area LTE service coverage to mobile and fixed user equipment (UEs) in Private and Public LTE networks. The PMC3551 integrates three 3GPP compliant eNodeB systems, each with 2×2 MIMO antenna arrays, into a single compact housing […]

RDL-6000 L1 Ellipse 4G HP

RDL-6000 L1 Ellipse 4G HP The RDL-6000 L1 Ellipse 4G HP eNode B is a purpose built as ruggedized, fan-less, with special consideration to be deployable in harsh environmental conditions that demands high reliability and Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) for such applications to meet the mission critical uninterrupted operations as well as providing a […]

RDL-6000 L1 Ellipse 4G HP

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Redline Corporate Brochure

Redline Corporate Brochure 2019-07-05 14:22:30 Redline manufactures and delivers the most powerful, rugged and reliable wireless network solutions using innovative technology helping to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership solutions to organizations in need of private broadband infrastructure. Download – Redline Corporate Brochure


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FlexTalk PTT

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How FirstNet Can Achieve Coverage Quickly


AT&T needs supplemental LTE Band 14 solutions to build FirstNet’s nationwide public safety broadband network on time, achieve coverage objectives and make the best use of capital.

LTE Networks Provide True Mobility


Redline Communications specialize in developing innovative and powerful wide-area wireless networks for the most challenging locations and mission-critical applications.