Mr. McGrath is an investor and corporate director. He also consults on strategic issues to major technology companies. Mr. McGrath is currently a Director and Audit Committee Chair of Photon Control Inc. Mr. McGrath is also currently a Director and Audit Committee Chair of Nanotech Security Corp., and has previously served as Lead Director and Audit Committee Chair of Symbility Solutions Inc. He is the former Chief Information Officer of Rogers Communications Inc. and former President of Rogers Shared Services. He was responsible for the team that restructured the alliance between Rogers and Microsoft in July 1999. Prior to his role at Rogers, Mr. McGrath was the Chief Information Officer of Canadian National Railway Company, responsible for the complete rebuild of its information technology capability, the restructuring of the company, and the development of the initial strategic review of the company’s future that led to privatization of the company. He was awarded the Chief Information Officer of the Year award in Canada in 1995, has served in the past on the advisory boards of a number of technology companies, including Compaq Computer Corporation and Lotus Development Corporation, and is a past Chair of the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC). Mr. McGrath, a Chartered Accountant, is a graduate in Business Administration at Trinity College, Dublin.