• Software

  • ClearView™ NMS puts you in control

    Network management software the way it should be

    Sophisticated, intuitive, and rock solid

    Redline's network management software puts you confidently in the driver's seat without complications. With ClearView NMS, you can easily monitor, configure and control one or more Redline networks using the insightful interface to assess network health at anytime, from anyplace.

    Your network, your way

    Visually intuitive provisioning, backup, and restore management tools let you schedule upgrades at your convenience and receive any event notifications instantly. And for high availability applications, ClearView NMS is available in hot-standby configurations with co-located or physically separated hardware platforms.

    • Supports all Virtual Fiber™ products
    • Supports selected SMNP elements
    • Standards-based, carrier-class solution
    • Configuration management
    • Event and fault reporting
    • Integration with OSS/BSS via Northbound Interface – CORBA & SOAP
    • Inventory management & reporting
    • Scalable to thousands of elements


    The proven backbone of the world's most powerful LTE networks

    FlexCore EPC unites all of your most demanding applications on one completely synchronized, salient network, ensuring industry leading speeds and encryption regardless if one device or one hundred thousand.

    By the numbers

    Most EPC's are designed to handle more devices than they could possibly ever need, which is reflected in their costs. Redline's FlexCore can handle just as many devices, but is always tailored precisely to your needs and budget, while remaining scalable well beyond best case scenarios.

    Make your network yours

    FlexCore is rapidly deployed and requires no maintenance. Its simple operation means it's easily supported by your IT department, while also featuring full functionality across personal smartphones, field handhelds, roving assets, and any custom machinery your project may utilize.

    Just push to talk

    FlexCore's optional PTT module allows the deployment of push-to-talk services over standards-based mobile LTE devices, allowing field workers to use a single device for voice, data, and private radio communications.

    Link Budget Tool

    Designed to help you find your performance range

    The Link Budget Tool is designed to help determine the range performance of wireless systems for LOS and OLOS (optical line of sight) parameters. This tool estimates the distance over which the wireless system can operate at a desired error rate while achieving robust communication.

    The Link Budget Tool provides a first-order approximation and does not consider the details of any specific terrain profile that may impact performance, or variations introduced by temperature fluctuations, cable loss tolerance, antenna alignment errors, etc. Higher order modulation schemes require greater S/N to maintain the same PER performance. For this, modelling noise is defined as the noise floor of the receiver and does not include interference from any other sources.