Professional Training

Redline University engages your people in technology transformation.

Professional training is the most economical method to maximize system reliability, performance and optimal wireless operation.

While your team may never need to design a wireless network, understanding fundamental concepts, key operating features and proper maintenance of the system equipment, is essential for successful network operation. This knowledge significantly reduces your system down-time through quick assessment and isolation of causes of network outages, replacement of damaged or faulty components and restoration of service. Redline hands-on training instills confidence and prepares your team to configure, install and maintain all major equipment and peripherals needed for operation of the wireless network.


Redline University

The Redline University Training & Certification programs offer training to ensure proper administration of the daily operations of the world’s most advanced wireless networks. Our programs have been designed to enable Redline customers and partners the ability to deploy our wireless solutions, and ClearView™ NMS, in their networks to optimize performance:

The focus of every Redline program is to provide operational and maintenance education and exercises to assist customers in maximizing the efficiency and performance of the Redline solutions deployed in their networks. In addition to the certification programme, Redline training also includes product familiarization and technology overview courses. The courses are designed to achieve an optimum balance between hands-on lab exercises and theory of operations for each Redline solution.

Outdoor wireless networks are dynamic systems with continual cycles of deployment, tuning, and maintenance that each require expert knowledge and troubleshooting skills. These activities require knowledgeable staff trained to the correct level of competence. As an operator of this critical infrastructure, your team needs confidence when directing these activities while ensuring the highest state of availability and performance. Redline training provides hands-on experience with our equipment.

A great time to begin on-the-job training is during the initial build-out. Don’t wait for a network outage to discover you don’t have the required resources.

The most crucial action for maintaining high system operational efficiency and up-time is proper maintenance. Outdoor deployments can be challenging, with weather causing fading, link degradation, possibly signal interference introduced from unseen sources and core networking requirements. Ensuring your team is properly trained will reduce downtime and keep your network running efficiently.

Some of the technical topics covered in the training include MIMO, OFDM, multipath, modulation, coding schemes, frequency bands, Fresnel zones, RSSI and fading. Your system operators will learn:

After completing each Redline certification program, your team member will have the knowledge and experience to operate, maintain and tune your wireless network for optimum performance, while quickly troubleshooting and resolving operational issues. Redline also provides an option to design and deliver customized on-site training to suit your specific needs.