RedCare Warranty and Support Overview 08/27/2018 Download – RedCare Warranty and Support Overview (PDF)

Public Safety 08/27/2018 Improve public safety using real-time actionable information enabled by redline virtual fiber™ wireless solution Download – Public Safety (PDF)

Advanced Services Overview 08/27/2018 Your decision to invest in a Redline wireless infrastructure should be immediately followed by a great sigh of relief. Redline backs its incredible product performance and reliability with the expertise and professional assistance that ensures a successful wireless deployment. Download – Advanced Services Overview (PDF)

Professional Services – Training 08/27/2018 Redline University offers training to ensure proper administration of the daily operations of the world’s most advanced wireless networks. Download – Professional Services – Training (PDF)

Professional Services – Support & Warranty 08/27/2018 Managing your company’s critical infrastructure is a tough business — and Redline is here for you. Download – Professional Services – Support & Warranty (PDF)

Professional Services – RF Planning 08/27/2018 When investing your capital dollars in wireless infrastructure, Radio Frequency (RF) planning is the key to getting the most for your money. Download – Professional Services – RF Planning (PDF)

Professional Services – Resident Engineer 08/27/2018 Implementing a new wireless network has its own challenges. Managing its long-term evolution and multiple deployment phases often results in a whole new level of complexity. Download – Professional Services – Resident Engineer (PDF)

Professional Services – Project Management 08/27/2018 From informed advice to delivering a fully certified turnkey solution, the Redline Project Management Office (PMO) is your personal key to success in wireless networking. Download – Professional Services – Project Management (PDF)

Professional Services – Project Engineer 08/27/2018 Whatever the project, there is no better feeling than knowing you have an expert on your side. Download – Professional Services – Project Engineer (PDF)

Offshore Operations 08/27/2018 Deliver high-speed real-time information for platforms and ships with redline virtual fiber™ wireless solution Download – Offshore Operations (PDF)