Redline Expands Customized Industrial iLTE Solutions in Japan

Redline Hytec 1

We’ve recently announced that Redline has been selected to provide private industrial iLTE solutions for mission-critical markets systems integrator Hytec.

Redline developed a customized LTE solution package to meet Hytec’s business and market needs, enabling faster speeds and a vastly improved user experience. The partnership will support Hytec’s roadmap to 5G by establishing networks for defense, utilities, municipalities, factories and more in Japan.

“We were introduced to Redline’s cutting-edge technologies, including its private LTE products and services in 2019,” states Norihito Asao, President and CEO of Hytec. “We partnered with Redline and collaborated to develop a customized LTE solution package that aligned with our business and market needs as we build networks for defense, utilities, municipalities, factories and more in Japan and our other key markets. We look forward to collaborating on our 5G technology roadmap.”

“Redline iLTE was designed for industrial purposes and provides Hytec with a unique, turnkey approach to private LTE solutions complete with rapid deployment and ease of management capabilities,” states Reno Moccia, Redline Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We pride ourselves on delivering custom, end-to-end solutions in the private LTE space and helping to support the growth of global leaders such as Hytec. We are committed to ensuring success at every level for Hytec.”

Read our full announcement here.