Redline Communications’ Ishaq Mian Speaks at Forward-Thinking Panel: Shaking Down the Digital Divide: Rural Broadband Across North America

Redline Digital Divide

Redline’s Ishaq Mian, Vice President, Sales & Support Engineering, participated in an industry-leading panel hosted by JSA. The lively panel examined the FCC’s Digital Opportunity Fund and the $30 billion infrastructure allotment that will go through a formal bidding process. The panel of experts shared valuable expertise and insights into how organizations can prepare.

Ishaq stressed that each digital divide project, rural or urban, is unique to its own geography, and that a firm investment in planning is essential to each project’s life cycle. In fact, according to Ishaq and the other panelists, the projects must be meticulously planned, as they are expected to begin immediately upon approval by the FCC, without delay. Ishaq expanded, pointing out that, as with all public service-related initiatives, a balance must be achieved between overall “system effectiveness” and the costs of a project, over that project’s life cycle.    

The panel was moderated by Robert Powell, founder and chief editor of Telecom Ramblings, included representatives from eX-2, Consolidated Communications, Connected2Fiber and Render Networks. For more information, please visit