Redline Communications’ Dr. Ishaq Mian Speaks Disaster Recovery & Network Resiliency at JSA Virtual Roundtable

Redline JSA VRT

The past year and a half has made it clear that access to the internet is no longer a privilege for some but, in fact, a quintessential part of daily life that impacts everyone. With recent natural disasters, the arrival of hurricane season, and much of the world still working remotely, the conversation about avoiding downtime is a critical topic, not only for the telecom industry but also for businesses and cities.

Redline’s Vice President of Sales & Support Engineering, Dr. Ishaq Mian, recently participated in a panel led by JSA to discuss how businesses can minimize downtime, prepare and respond in times of crisis. 

“As we digitally transform our infrastructures, we are creating complexities that we don’t yet fully understand- which means that eventually, a failure is going to happen,” comments Dr. Mian, “and once a crisis occurs, the focus should be on how fast we can recover and minimize costs by utilizing the technology, the people, and the tools in alignment with each other to quickly recover and reduce downtime.”

In addition, the panel discussed designing systems that address resiliency, the frequency of testing business continuity plans, and embracing emergency preparedness.

The panel was moderated by JSA’s João Marques Lima, and included leaders and experts from Comstar Technologies, Kohler, NJFX, and Confluence Networks.

Watch below: