The Edge is a ruggedized and highly secure 2×2 MiMo wireless terminal ideal for military and government applications.

This high processing power, VLAN aware and high bandwidth terminal makes it a perfect transport for concurrent applications; such as, data, M2M telemetry, surveillance video and voice.

The high security features can be enabled for authentication, management, and data. Edge is FIPS-140-2 certified making it the clear choice for military deployments.

The Edge is flexible and can be used in PMP or PTP applications. When used in a PMP application Edge will communicate with the Virtual Fiber™ Ellipse.  This non-integrated radio can be used with different antennas making it a perfect choice for fixed PTP and PMP deployments requiring higher power and longer range.

The durable all weather rugged enclosure allows for operation in extreme temperatures and environmental conditions.

The adaptive modulation and adaptive MiMo-A/B capabilities with very selective filtering allows the radio to connect in less than optimal RF conditions and path profiles.

Fixed Access FIPS 140-2 certified Rugged all-weather enclosure - IP67 ECDSA certificates for wireless authentication Low power requirement suitable for solar applications