Private LTE

  • Private LTE

    Independence, security and enhanced control

  • Increasing capacity/extending coverage with LTE

    Supplemental networks allow end-users in industrial, government and enterprise markets to operate their own private wireless network independently and separate from public commercial wireless networks. It allows for sharing facilities with other organizations without the concern of network security, as well as control over operations without RF interference from nearby radios, and without being subjected to prioritization if traffic is carried over a commercial cellular network.

    Public safety agencies

    A private LTE-based broadband communications network for first responders has many benefits for public safety agencies. However, a national public safety broadband network’s reach may be limited to cell sites installed on public network infrastructure, such as cell towers. By establishing their own private LTE network solution, adapted to designated frequency bands that serve first responders within their jurisdictions, public safety agencies can ensure a coordinated response, deliver actionable data and offer vital capacity to enhance situational awareness. Additionally, first responders will be able to use their mobile devices seamlessly between the local and national backbone LTE networks.

    Industrial networks

    Supplemental networks complement industrial networks that use Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) low-speed data networks to manage their assets and operations.

    This includes:

    • Utilities

    • Oil and gas

    • Water/wastewater departments

    • Mining operations

    Service Providers

    Redline offers 3GPP standards based low-cost LTE solutions for increasing capacity and extending coverage.

    Today, these operators are relying on dedicated remote video surveillance to monitor critical infrastructure. A supplemental high-speed, low latency point-to-multipoint wireless network provides video coverage over wide areas in a secure and reliable manner.

    Let’s talk independence


    Backhauling voice, data and video traffic from remote field base stations to an operations center via a point-to-point (PTP) system is a cost-effective solution. A PTP system has advantages of lower cost-to-deploy, ease of installation, little or no maintenance, and Redline’s Virtual Fiber™ over-the-air performance that rivals fiber optic transmission. Redline has the right technology for the intended application.

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