RDL-3000 XP Enterprise TVWS (USA)

RDL-3000 XP Enterprise TVWS (USA) The Enterprise wireless Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) provides high performance TCP/IP transport for dedicated access, trunking and mid-range backhaul applications. Either deployed in pairs for point-to-point (PTP) service or connected from multiple sites to the Redline Ellipse series base station in pointto-multipoint (PMP) applications, Enterprise terminals economically deliver reliable, simultaneous […]

RDL-3000 XP Ellipse TVWS (USA)

RDL-3000 XP Ellipse TVWS (USA) The Ellipse base station manages all security, traffic scheduling and Quality of Service (QoS) functions for up to 120 Ellipse outdoor wireless subscribers. This highly configurable wireless system features powerful processing capabilities to reliably transport any mix of wireless traffic between the base station and multiple remote sites. In TV […]

RDL-3000 XP RAS-Extend

RDL-3000 XP RAS-Extend Ras Extend – L Virtual Fiber Network Topology Awareness Roaming with Tracking Open-frame Positioner Supports 2-ft Parabolic Antennas Ras Extend – M Virtual Fiber Network Topology Awareness Roaming with Tracking Open-frame Positioner Supports 18in Panel Antennas RAS Extend – LV Virtual Fiber Network Topology Awareness Open-frame Positioner Supports 14in Panel Antennas RAS […]

RDL-3000 XP RAS-Elite

RDL-3000 XP RAS-Elite RDL-3000 XP RAS-Elite is an auto-aligning nomadic remote terminal with plug and play feature. With no mechanically moving parts. RAS-Elite electronically aligns itself using beam formation. The RAS-Elite is a FIPS-140-2 certified radio and can operate on 4.9, 5.1 to 5.85GHz frequency bands using a wide range of channel sizes from 875 KHz […]

RDL-3000 XP Enterprise

RDL-3000 XP Enterprise Enterprise Virtual Fiber Embedded Antenna Enterprise XR Virtual Fiber Integrated Antenna (Enterprise XR) Enterprise & Enterprise XR Two Enterprise terminal models incorporate Redline’s Virtual Fiber™ technology that solves the most significant challenges for wireless build-out – crowded and/or tightly regulated spectrum in urban environments– by providing the widest available selection of type-approved […]

RDL-3000 XP Elte

RDL-3000 XP Elte The Elte-MT provides a very secure reliable wireless transport in harsh military and government conditions. This rugged wireless terminal (IP68) can operate in environments where commercial grade equipment would fail. The integrated form factor reduces installation time with one standard 802.3at PoE connection to the 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface. The Elte-MT is available […]