Mission critical communications you can count on

  • Our Mission

    Whether it’s voice, video, or incredible amounts of data, Redline’s team will work with you to exceed expectations without exceeding your budget.

  • Dense cities, sparse deserts, or vast oceans. We take your wireless broadband challenge and help you achieve unrivalled, revenue boosting connectivity.

    Redline Communications is the creator, implementer, and supporter of impressively powerful wide-area wireless networks for the most challenging locations and mission-critical applications. Used to manage onshore and offshore assets, secure battlefield communications, remotely monitor infrastructure, or deliver premium wireless services, Redline's unique combination of technology and agility ensure your organisation is always online and ready for anything.

    Redline provides a complete range of powerful, versatile and reliable outdoor wireless broadband systems for specialized point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications. With industry leading technology in high capacity backhaul, video surveillance, data acquisition, business access and private networks, our value is further complimented by full a suite of Professional Services that include on-demand engineering, comprehensive project management, and much, much more.


    Our innovative wireless technologies will make Redline the global leader in connectivity; enabling industries to surpass their goals and connecting people to improve quality of life.


    We empower our customers to become more effective, efficient and productive by enabling their business applications anywhere, through the use of wireless technologies. We are committed to innovate and deliver products and solutions with the highest level of safety, quality, reliability and value. We will achieve sustainable, predictable and profitable growth maximizing long-term value for our stakeholders.


    • Customers come first

    • If it's worth doing, make sure it gets done

    • Focus on results, not simply process

    • Practice excellence and innovation

    • Make decisions like you own the company

    • Respect Safety, Ethics, People and Environment