Oil & Gas

Enabling Digital Transformation.
Delivering voice, data and video, for all your business and operation applications onshore and offshore. Leveraging towers and/or platforms to build private, secure industrial-grade fixed, nomadic and mobile network infrastructure. Fixed and nomadic sites deliver high-performance communications. People, machines, vessels, helicopters and drones on the move can all connect to legacy and new digital transformation applications via a secure, private standards-based LTE network.
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The oil & gas industry is moving to digitize and upgrade its processes and infrastructure with the aim to:

  • Increase production efficiency
  • Increase safety of employees, visitors and assets in the oilfield including during severe weather events
  • Increase situational awareness within the oilfield
  • Extend the capacity/life of the oilfield
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Oil & gas companies are faced with operational challenges as they seek to implement advanced communication solutions to meet requirements such as:

  • Single converged network for voice, surveillance, data, automation, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications with specific real-time Quality of Service (QoS) requirements
  • Industrial grade reliability and security
  • Limited spectrum availability and increasing cost to acquire spectrum

The Redline Solution:

Asset Management

The ability to get timely and accurate information to make quick, accurate decisions is the key to success for any operation. This need for quick...

Autonomous Capabilities

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Industrial IoT

Transform oil and gas operations with a responsive system for increasing productivity, simplifying processes, and minimizing complexity...


Whether you’re working in oil or natural gas, onshore or offshore, crews need to be in constant communication to share critical information...

Video Surveillance

There are all kinds of risks on an oilfield site. First, oil and gas operators need to mitigate human disruptions like theft and vandalism...

Worker's Safety

In complex and rugged environments like oilfield sites, industry leaders are turning to robotics and automation solutions to ensure workplace...