Oil & Gas

Enabling Digital Transformation

Delivering voice, data and video, for all your business and operation applications onshore and offshore. Leveraging towers and/or platforms to build private, secure industrial-grade fixed, nomadic and mobile network infrastructure. Fixed and nomadic sites deliver high-performance communications. People, machines, vessels, helicopters and drones on the move can all connect to legacy and new digital transformation applications via a secure, private standards-based LTE network.

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The oil & gas industry is moving to digitize and upgrade its processes and infrastructure with the aim to:

  • Increase production efficiency
  • Increase safety of employees, visitors and assets in the oilfield including during severe weather events
  • Increase situational awareness within the oilfield
  • Extend the capacity/life of the oilfield
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Oil & gas companies are faced with operational challenges as they seek to implement advanced communication solutions to meet requirements such as:

  • Single converged network for voice, surveillance, data, automation, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications with specific real-time Quality of Service (QoS) requirements
  • Industrial grade reliability and security
  • Limited spectrum availability and increasing cost to acquire spectrum

The Redline Solution

Redline’s purpose-built ruggedized communications equipment that is safe to deploy and operate in hazardous locations, coupled with detailed operational knowledge and a means to demonstrate innovation and capabilities, is a key competitive advantage to assist oil & gas companies globally in transforming their infrastructure and processes. In addition, Redline’s upcoming support for CAT-M (Category M1) and NBIoT (Narrowband IoT) will enable co-existence of M2M/IoT applications with complementary broadband services within the same spectrum. This enables increased productivity with the ability to lower operational costs, and availability of critical information can be realized from the private LTE network.


Redline provides the most powerful, rugged and reliable wireless networks using leading-edge technology helping to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) to organizations building private wide area networks.

Industrial LTE

With robust, reliable and cost effective supplemental networks, government agencies eliminate high monthly service costs associated with satellite or service providers. Redline iLTE is a comprehensive suite of industrial-grade private LTE products and services that combine to deliver security, flexibility, scalability and durability to the mobile network. iLTE provides a turnkey approach to private LTE with its rapid deployment and ease of management.

Virtual Fiber®

Redline’s Virtual Fiber consists of wireless access products that are built for extreme reliability and performance. These products can be used in the toughest environmental conditions, rated to operate between -40° to +75°C for fixed point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communications and nomadic applications. They provide secure and reliable high-speed connectivity in these challenging, isolated locations, and over rough non-line-of-sight terrain.

Rugged & Rapidly Deployable Networks

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Whether it’s pre- or post-final investment decision (FID), there are many nomadic rigs that are, and will be, stationary for several months at the time. Temporary, nomadic, transportable communications trailers can be deployed—each equipped with backhaul, Wi-Fi, Private LTE, radios, cameras and lighting. Redline has the right technology for the required application.

Industrial IoT

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The digital oilfield involves thousands of IoT devices and huge volumes of data that must be analyzed and interpreted to make better decisions about field operations. Redline’s Virtual Fiber™and Industrial LTE (iLTE™) systems transport data from IoT devices to operations managers in secure, highly reliable and cost-effective ways. Redline has the right technology for the required application.

Marine or Offshore Applications

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Redline’s extensive marine grade communication solution offers land-speed connectivity for offshore Oil & Gas operations. Consistently, Redline delivers the most cost effective solution for offshore operations and the capacity to handle Big Data applications for Oil & Gas.


Rugged and reliable in the harshest conditions of marine operations, Redline’s Virtual Fiber™ wireless solution offers the best lifetime-value for your offshore exploration and production (E&P) projects.


Redline’s Virtualized Industrial Push-to-Talk application can be installed across all iOS and Android platforms and operates agnostically on any private or public network. FlexTalk™ can be deployed on-premise or in the Cloud.

  • Encrypted Push to Talk
  • GPS Locations for Enhanced Situational Awareness
  • Secure Group Messaging
  • Supported across any carrier network
  • Integrate with P25/Tetra/LMR


Redline Communications® is focused on providing industrial companies with fit-for-purpose solutions to their mission-critical applications. Redline’s powerful, purpose-built, industrial-based, mobile, fixed and nomadic industrial wireless network solutions have been designed for reliable operations in the most challenging locations.
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Our solutions are designed and installed as an end-to-end operating network platform, specifically optimized for the unique requirements of the digital mine for both underground and surface deployments. Redline has delivered some of the world’s largest, fully connected and most functionally advanced wireless solutions for digital transformation.