Redline Operations Update – COVID-19 (April, 2021)

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To all Redline Customers, Suppliers and Partners,

Redline Communications continues to closely monitor the development around the coronavirus pandemic and follows recommendations from relevant national authorities and international bodies. We are continuing to take precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of our employees, to minimize the impact on the company’s operations and to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

Our approach is to be transparent towards our different stakeholders, partners, and customers about the measures we take and how Redline is impacted by these developments.

Broadband and Industrial Communication Networks and are increasingly recognized as a critical infrastructure. We are continuing to stay close to our customers to understand their needs and we are doing everything possible to support customers to introduce new networks and to maximize their current network capacity and performance.

All Redline Communication sites are currently in operation. We continue to follow the situation of the global pandemic and recommendations from local authorities and the WHO, as the company assesses its supply chain. This far, our supply chain has worked with limited interruption, and we will continue to work to limit future impacts by, for example, increasing inventories of critical components and extended forecasts to allow for supply assurances. However, the longer the global pandemic continues, the more supply volatility and disruptions we will likely see. Many material suppliers, across all industries, have provided notifications of extended lead-times and increasing costs which we will work hard to try and mitigate.

We strongly encourage our partners and customers to provide as much extended visibility of their equipment and service needs as possible, to allow Redline to continue to strive to meet their needs. We are here to help and will offer the best solution to meet your business requirements.

Redline Communications continue to lead in Virtual Fibre and Industrial LTE Solutions. We continue to invest in new technologies, launching 2021 such as the design of our 5G wireless solution called Industrial 5G, which will provide the necessary speeds and bandwidth to reap the benefits of the Internet of Things for deployment. For example, Redline’s equipment will allow clients to remotely monitor and control AI-enabled machinery so that they can interact and share information in real time, thus improving productivity and the safety of workers. From technology leadership in our field, there is no-one ahead of us.

We understand the challenges that the Coronavirus has brought in many areas of our lives, in ways that we could not have imagined. We will keep working to make sure we all stay connected. Redline Communications thanks you for your business and your continued support and wishes everyone the best during these difficult and unprecedented times.

Should you have any questions, please contact your Redline representative directly, or contact us at 1-844-991-4802 or [email protected], and for regular updates visit our website

Ian Hassan
VP, Operations & Supply Chain
Redline Communications