Redline Operations Update – COVID-19

To all Redline Customers, Suppliers and Partners,

As you know, since late last year, organisations around the world have been responding in various ways to the threats posed by COVID-19. On behalf of Redline Communications, we want to share the plan we have put in place to deal with the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Redline is coordinating closely with our suppliers and partners in a joint effort of meeting our customers’ needs while also ensuring the health of our employees and compliance with the regulations and requirements in the countries and regions in which we operate.

Continuing to work normal business hours

Redline Communications is headquartered in Markham, Ontario, Canada with staff in many other countries. Being a telecommunications company, we are considered an essential industry and are expected to continue operating as we support key infrastructure required at this time while keeping the safety of our staff and customers at the forefront of our business. Our teams are maintaining their normal business hours (with most staff working remotely), and we have a 24/7 hotline to support and help our customers.


To protect our employees and our communities, Redline Communications initiated a work from home policy which began 16-Mar-2020. This has allowed our staff to work remotely, with very few exceptions.

This transition was facilitated very smoothly thanks to our strong secure IT networks, excellent mobile tools (computers and cell phones etc.) for all employees, excellent IT productivity and conferencing tools, and disaster recovery preparedness. It should be noted, that Redline has always had approx. 40% of its staff working remotely and so we already had in place the systems to enable remote working individually and as teams.

In rare cases where employees come to the office, strict social isolation and hygiene policies have been established. Teams including level 3 technical support, operations (responsible for the delivery of customer equipment and spare parts), project management and engineering have all successfully transitioned to working in self-isolation.


Our third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse teams are currently operating under strict guidelines, spacing & isolation, to protect their well-being & reduce any risk. While the bulk of our warehousing primarily resides in Canada and the USA, we are partnered with a global 3PL provider and thus have the potential to shift warehouse locations, if one geography becomes impacted. It should also be noted that the service our 3PL partner provides is deemed essential, and thus expected to continue to operate through this crisis.

Contract manufacturing

With regards to the manufacturing of our equipment, the bulk of our manufacturing is currently carried out in Mexico, but we also have facilities in other geographies such as Canada and the USA. At present, all these sites are operational and, under current guidelines, deemed essential. Further, we are partnered with a global contract manufacturer and thus have the potential to transition product to alternate geographies, if COVID-19 impacted one geography significantly.

Thus, we can support our customer base, managing the existing business requirements but also preparing for when business demand returns to a level of normality.

Supply chain

As countries around the world move into a lockdown period there is the potential for reduced PCB manufacturing capacity worldwide. Redline Communications has extensive supply chain solutions across the globe and if the supply chains are challenged, we can support demand from alternative sources until capacity return to normal levels.

Other challenges include accessories, peripherals, and mechanicals required to make our products. At present our inventory levels are good, and for most items we have multiple alternatives available. Still, given this dynamic environment, we encourage our customers to try to provide as much visibility and lead time as possible when placing orders as this allows us more time to react if an unexpected issue occurs.


Following immigration embargoes, airlines are cancelling passenger flights and hence a large share of shipping capacity has become unavailable affecting the available freight capacity.

Our supply chain is functioning normally, but we are experiencing considerable price increases and occasional delays for air freight travel which is endured by all. We can switch product to sea freight or rail travel where the lead-time permits. We will monitor this situation closely & will revert accordingly.

Short Term Demand

We strongly advise that any urgent or short-term demands are actioned quickly.

We are here to help and will offer the best solution to meet your business requirements, We would encourage you to reach out to your dedicated contact at Redline Communication with any questions or concerns.

Customer, Suppliers, and Partners Meetings

All travel to customers has ceased from mid-March including non-essential travel to sites. We are now holding all our Customer, Suppliers, and Partners meetings through video or telephone conferencing solutions.

We encourage regular communications. Please do not hesitate to request a video or conference call to discuss issues in depth, whether sales, quality, order management or any other business matter. We would encourage full business reviews to be conducted with your dedicated contact at Redline Communication so that we can address your immediate needs & or concerns.

During these unprecedented and extraordinary times, we will keep you updated, as we continue to monitor and fine tune our actions to deal with rapidly evolving circumstances.

Should you have any questions, please contact your Redline representative directly, or contact us at 1-844-991-4802 or, and for regular updates visit our website

On behalf of the entire Redline team, I thank you for your business and your continued support. We wish you, your teams and your families well in this unprecedented time.

Abdelsalam Aldwikat
VP, Operations & Technology
Redline Communications