RDL-3000 Software v3.7 Release

Redline announces the release of the RDL-3000 Software v3.7

The binaries for RDL-3000 Software v3.7 have been made generally available across all SKUs. They can be obtained from our partner site, as well as the updated release notes and the latest manuals.

This release includes all the features, fixes, and improvements from previous versions, and is the officially recommended version of software for the XP platform from this point forward.


Some of the key changes and improvements in this release are:

  • New sector wireless Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
    • Planned/Actual subscription ratios
    • Estimated sector capacity
    • Aggregate wireless throughput
  • Subscriber links summary and status pages now display UL/DL MCS instead of UBR
  • DFS settings now only shown in bands where DFS is mandatory
  • New (configurable) feature to improve the performance of high-bandwidth subscribers in sectors with numerous other low-bandwidth subscribers present.


Be sure to check the release notes for a full list of changes, as well as recommended upgrade procedures and any remaining known issues.