Redline transforms your mining operation into a completely nomadic and impressively responsive system that can support several applications over one network.

Most surface and underground mining companies have an urgent demand to:

  • Operate efficiently with improved productivity
  • Improve operational safety

This translates directly into ‘digital transformation for mining, where connectivity is a key component for all operational functions.

Mining companies are moving quickly to explore technology initiatives and discovering that the next generation of digital mine transformation projects occurring globally all rely on a robust, fit-for-purpose private, dedicated and secure LTE infrastructure.

They are also recognizing that implementing customized communications solutions to meet the unique requirements of a digital mine can be very challenging. Constantly changing landscapes, narrow and uneven structures, poor line-of-sight, dust and gas concentration, and many other challenges necessitates the need for a unique communication network solution to handle the complexities of a mine for full coverage. Each mine requires a complete communication system that can handle day-to-day operations reliably and withstand harsh conditions to continue to work in emergency situations, where it is paramount to know where the miners are and what environmental conditions and challenges lie ahead of the rescue team.

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The Redline Solution:

Asset Management

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Autonomous Mining

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Industrial IoT

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Underground Mining

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Transform mining operations into a completely nomadic and impressively responsive system to support several applications over one network...

Video Surveillance

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Worker Safety

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