Industrial IoT

Streamline data flow to harness tomorrow’s growth

Smart machines + more data = elevated efficiency

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is the use of IoT technologies in manufacturing. Machine-to-machine (M2M) and automation technology has existed in the industrial setting for years and the latest philosophies behind this are that smart machines are better than humans at accurately and consistently capturing communication data. Harnessing and properly using this data allows users to pick up on inefficiencies and problems sooner allowing for an overall more efficient system.

Is your technology ready?

One of the big concerns with the push for IoT is interoperability between devices and machines that use different protocols or have different architectures. As technology continues to fuel the growth of the industrial IoT, there will be a greater load of data that will be able to be assimilated. Not only will this data streamline existing sectors currently using the IoT, but it will also uncover previously unseen areas for growth and revenue generation.

Streamline communication, unite sectors

Creating greater avenues for communication between devices will allow companies to further streamline their current operational matrix. This adds to the bottom line but also allows for greater communication between the different sectors involved.

Extend your reach with Redline

Redline’s array of products offer the ability to further your communications. Redline Virtual Fiber® seamlessly allows transport of data historically done by wired networks to the wireless realm, enabling the industrial IoT to further its reach on what can be accomplished.

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