Extend and enhance your infrastructure with rapidly deployed public safety and services networks that are secure, scalable, and enable economic development.

Public safety, security and remote sensing are high priority areas for all levels of government. The ability to do the following items requires a highly robust and functional network infrastructure:

  • Effectively monitor real-time incidents, traffic, infrastructure and resources
  • Improve the quality of public services (e.g., education)
  • Provide security for residents and tourists
  • React quickly and decisively to threats and disasters
  • Host online webinars and educational sessions for remote/long-distance learning
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The Redline Solution:

Asset Management

As municipalities grapple with aging infrastructure, viable asset management planning and solutions can help to tailor and refine limited budget dollars...

Rural Connectivity

With a goal of providing better, more efficient services, the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way municipal governments...

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems can be a huge aid as part of a comprehensive security plan for protecting government buildings, employees....

Worker and Public Safety

Internet of Things applications allow municipal departments to monitor workplace safety with more accuracy, in real time...