ClearView Wireless Infrastructure Management Solution for Redline Wireless Networks ClearView NMS is a full-featured yet easy-to-use centralized network management solution to configure, monitor and control Redline wireless networks. Fully scalable from 10’s to 1,000’s of elements, ClearView includes a full suite of tools including topographic/satellite maps and software scheduling tools to automate complex tasks. ClearView […]


Elte The Elte is a ruggedized and highly secure 2×2 MIMO wireless terminal ideal for military and government applications. This high processing power, VLAN aware and high bandwidth terminal makes it a perfect transport for concurrent applications; such as, data, M2M telemetry, surveillance video and voice. The high security features can be enabled for authentication, […]


Ellipse The Ellipse series of base stations encompasses the various technology platforms Redline offers its customers to provide the proper wireless solution for fixed, nomadic and mobile applications. The Ellipse series has shared features that enable Redline’s customers to have a common deployment and management experience during all phases of design, installation, operation and maintenance […]