• Backhaul

    High-throughput and solid security you can rely on.

  • Wireless backhaul

    These days most fiber connectivity is used for backhauling requirements, but sometimes it is not a viable solution because of its high cost and the impracticality of laying fiber in difficult terrain. In these circumstances, wireless backhaul is the best solution.

    Critical applications

    Three of the most critical and demanding backhaul applications are: video surveillance, backhauling eNodeBs (eNB) and corporate networks.

    • Video applications: the backhaul system needs to fulfill the throughput requirements of carrying multiple streams of data while maintaining low-latency, as video surveillance is a real-time application which is sensitive to latency.

    • Backhauling eNBs for an LTE network: requires low-latency over the backhaul link, as well as high throughput rate. So this requires a solution that not only provides high throughput but at the same time maintains low latency.

    • Corporate networks: The three major requirements of backhauling corporate networks, regardless of the application, are reliability, throughput and security. Businesses depend on these links and need timely availability of the data, so it is critical that the links installed for these applications are extremely reliable and secure.

    Let’s talk backhaul


    Backhauling voice, data and video traffic from remote field base stations to an operations center via a point-to-point (PTP) system is a cost-effective solution. A PTP system has advantages of lower cost-to-deploy, ease of installation, little or no maintenance, and Redline’s Virtual Fiber™ over-the-air performance that rivals fiber optic transmission. Redline has the right technology for the intended application.

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