Advanced Services

  • Advanced Services

    As mission critical wireless networks are one of the most demanding and rapidly evolving industries on the planet, we have developed an extensive suite of Advanced Services to ensure your business stays ahead of the pack.

  • Complex wireless networks, simplified

    Redline has developed a comprehensive methodology and a suite of Advanced Services to assist and complement our partners—original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), systems integrators and distributors—with complex wireless network deployments around the world.

    Advanced Services include:

    • Consult: Project Management
    • Design: Front End Engineering and Design (FEED)
    • Deploy: Installation support
    • Manage: Ongoing wireless network management

    Redline helps its partners simplify the network planning, deployment, management and maintenance activities to deliver a greater return on investment (ROI) for the end customer.

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    Warranty, Protection and Support

    RedCare is Redline’s portfolio of warranty, protection and support plans. Selecting a specific RedCare plan provides partners with additional support options that complement their own services offerings.

    With Redline Advanced Services, Redline assures its partners that they can deliver to their customers a wireless network that is powerful, versatile and reliable—today, and in the future.

    Warranty & Support

    CONSULT: Project Assessment & Analysis

    Redline complements partners’ resources as an extension to their project management team.

    The Redline consulting and technical resource can provide a variety of services including: assessing customer requirements, developing and reviewing a project plan, a “blueprint” for the success of any network deployment, determining preferred network architectures, and identifying solutions for planned applications.

    If required, a Redline Project Manager can oversee and facilitate the day-to-day progress of the project and identify critical processes including:

    • project initiation
    • project planning
    • project implementation
    • project tracking
    • change management
    • variance analysis
    • corrective action
    • project visibility
    • project closure

    DESIGN: Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED)

    A critical first step, the FEED process is a review of the planned network. This step ensures that key parameters, such as applications and expected capacity, are understood and agreed to with the customer prior to commencing the detailed design.

    Radio frequency (RF) coverage and analysis is a key initial FEED activity. The Redline detailed RF plan is considered “construction grade” as it provides antenna and radio equipment installation design details. This approach ensures the deployment is completed correctly and delivers high availability, coverage and stable performance for subscribers, while minimizing the total number of base station sites required for the system.

    The detailed plan includes site selection via Google Earth KMZ coverage/best server predictions, RF plan and frequency re-use recommendations, capacity analysis and product selection along with the licensed or unlicensed backhaul design and individual link profiles.

    Redline can provide the required assistance to the partner in order to ensure a certified RF design for the deployment of the wireless network.

    DEPLOY: Installation Support

    Redline can complement partners’ on-site support activities during the implementation phase.

    The Redline Project Engineer can review the equipment installation to confirm adherence to Redline’s best practices, thereby minimizing post-deployment issues.

    Other available installation support activities include:

    • site survey/selection,
    • installation supervision,
    • base station and subscriber site commissioning,
    • ad-hoc product training,
    • on-site support activities, and
    • a close-out network audit.

    MANAGE: Ongoing Network Management

    Ongoing network management services available within a RedCare Support Plan can include:

    • training (product and troubleshooting),
    • annual base station maintenance/inspection audits,
    • semi-annual critical site maintenance/inspection audits,
    • network health/performance audits,
    • RF wireless optimization,
    • Redline equipment alarm monitoring, and
    • field technical resource (dedicated or shared) to perform on-the-ground break/fix technical services.

    These value added services provide further support to the partner in order to ensure an optimal Redline wireless network deployment.