The Partnership

  • Aims to eliminate broadband gaps in the U.S. and globally
  • Leverages Redline’s Virtual Fiber™ TVWS product capabilities and reliability
  • Helps accelerate the use of radio equipment worldwide
  • Demonstrates affordable broadband internet access can be delivered by WISPs
  • Delivers supply chain optimization
  • Consolidates demand aggregation and purchase volume
  • Sets pricing for wireless service providers globally with CAPEX/OPEX model

How does the Program work?

  • Services providers – Visit Microsoft Airband web portal for more information
  • Redline TVWS Global CAPEX fee is fixed
  • Redline TVWS per country OPEX fee is fixed, determined by country
  • For non-Airband member, send order requests to
  • For Airband members in the U.S., send order requests to


  • Redline has been in discussion with Microsoft for more than 2 years to align our visions, layout the initial framework, and evaluate
  • Several successful proofs of concept were performed
  • Redline Virtual Fiber™ TVWS product was recognized as leading OEM ecosystem product

Redline Virtual Fiber™ TVWS

  • 4 Years of field installations
  • Most widely deployed platform in North America
  • MIMO A/B
  • 256 QAM, about 10 bits/Hz efficiency
  • Best NLOS capacity
  • Most advanced TVWS solution
  • High AES-128/256 security
  • Virtual Fiber™ solution also available 2.4 GHz, 2.5 GHz, 3.x GHz, 5.x GHz with same NMS

Redline Communications

  • Complete Product Portfolio
  • Advanced Services
  • Global Support Organization